Cultural push to ban offensive and abusive alt-right emojis from being used on all devices

The frog emoji, "OK sign" emoji, laughing emoji and others are all problematic and need to be removed

It’s no secret that the alt-right and right wing extremists are adept at weaponizing memes and other digital media in order to bully marginalized and oppressed minority groups. Humor is meant to be fun, safe, inclusive and progressive in nature. That’s why there is a cultural push coming from college liberals and other members of the left to justifiably ban and remove offensive and overly used emojis.

The simple truth is this – when used in the wrong context, emojis can be traumatizing. Many individuals are seeking therapy after seeing the laughing face emoji, for instance. The following is a list of emojis that need to be banned in no particular order.

TRIGGER WARNING: this article contains images of the emojis in question. This is for educational purposes only. If you already feel the symptoms of post traumatic stress, please close this tab and take a walk outside.

The “OK sign” Emoji 👌

As we all know, the “OK sign” emoji isn’t ok. It doesn’t mean “ok” and hasn’t for quite some time. It’s a white nationalist symbol of hate which spells the letters “W” and “P”, standing for “white power” or “white pride.” This shouldn’t be used and should be considered hate speech.

The frog emoji 🐸

The frog emoji is too close to the “pepe” emoji, which is already an alt-right symbol of hate. By extension, any contextual use of the word or concept of “frog” is also problematic. Companies and institutions with “frog” a part of their name or brand should consider overhauling their look – because it’s dated.

The laughing face emoji 😂

As mentioned in a previous NPC Daily article, the laughing face emoji is often abused by members of the alt-right as they utilize it’s concept through cyber bullying. This is NOT good. When liberals see the laughing face emoji, we shutter and feel personally attacked.

The clown face emoji 🤡

Because the “honkly meme” has become a prominent symbol of alt-right hatred, clowns are problematic. Any reference to clowns is problematic. IT is problematic. McDonald’s is even worse because their mascot is a clown and their name sounds like Donald Trump, which is problematic.

The two finger “peace sign” emoji

This doesn’t mean “peace.” This means “there are only two genders” – which is a scientifically wrong, morally wrong and unjustifiably sexist statement. In fact, anyone who flashes this symbol online or in real life is displaying to the world that they are filled with hatred and bigotry. This needs to be banned as well.

Generally speaking, there is a cultural push to classify the use of these emojis as a hate crime. Hate crimes are violence and violence should not be tolerated. The first amendment does not protect hate speech and if it does, perhaps there would be a cultural push to overturn the first amendment as well.


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