#VoxAdpocalpse – Why it’s a good thing that YouTube has stepped up to ban any and all forms of hate speech

YouTube rightfully bans history to combat hate speech

In a bold and brave endeavor to suppress Nazism, Holocaust denial, and other mainstream conservative values, YouTube has partnered with the world’s premier censorship organization to remove potentially triggering content in the name of safe speech.

Naturally, the top priority was to erase all Nazi content, including any war crimes and acts of genocide for which the Nazis were responsible.

Channels featuring videos about slavery and the American Civil War are expected to be deleted next, followed by a purge of Native American history (and possibly colonialism in general). After that, YouTube is likely to ban basic biology – as we should.

NPC Daily fully supports the deplatforming of Nazis (and conservatives in general) and will be following this story very closely.

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