Why free speech should only be allowed for liberals and progressives

Right wing advocates doesn't deserve free speech

It’s no secret that beliefs lead to actions – so when beliefs are wrong, bad or ill-willed, the consequential actions could be devastating. When it comes to the ideas of liberals and conservatives, it’s obvious which side is morally right. For this reason, it’s only fitting that free speech should only be given to those who are already morally right and in good standing – liberals and progressives.

Thankfully, YouTube has taking the first step in the fight against hate speech by demonetizing and banning a series of right wing channels that peddle right wing thoughts and ideas. Conservatism by itself is a hateful ideology that victimizes women, people of color and people of different gender identities and sexual orientation. Generally speaking, if you’re not a straight white male, conservatives don’t like you.

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There can be consequences to conservatives having the same freedom of speech allowed for liberals. Look no further than the 2016 election. In order to prevent that from ever happening again, it’s imperative that the speech of conservatives be censored and hidden from public access. That’s what Facebook and YouTube have started doing – but it’s not happening fast enough.

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America has no place for blatant racism and bigotry like that. Since hate speech and hurtful words are equivalent to violence and brutal physical attacks, these sorts of words and ideas shouldn’t be allowed. Therefore by banning free speech for right wing advocates and granting free speech to only those who deserve it, America will finally be on a path to redemption.


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