Heterosexual liberal men are going “Gay for 30 Days” in support of Pride Month

Will you go gay for 30 days to support the LGBTQ community for pride month?

In a noble form of progressive protest, a new trend is taking the nation by storm – straight heterosexual men are voluntarily “going gay for 30 days” for pride month. These are stunning and brave liberal men, some of whom have girlfriend and/or wives themselves, who are choosing to go on date, kiss and sleep with other straight men to support the LGBTQ community.

Nothing says you’re a part of a cultural push than to take part in their activities. Many of these voluntary homosexual men say that they are learning a lot from their experiences with other men. At the end of the day, each of them are understanding that taking part in homosexual activities with other members of the same gender does not make you a homosexual yourself if you are confident enough in your sexuality.

I am such an ally to the LGBTQ movement that I took a break my girlfriend of four years to spend 30 days going to gay bars just to experience the lifestyle. I’m confident enough in my sexuality that I can kiss, flirt and fool around with other men without feeling like less of a man myself. In fact, with so many men around me, I feel like even more of a man. I can’t wait to tell my girlfriend all about it – I hope she’ll take me back.

  • Lawrence Chadless, 22, UCSF

Sexuality is on a spectrum and just because you have relations with members of your same gender identity doesn’t mean you’re gay yourself. Furthermore, voluntarily “going gay for 30 days” for pride month is an exclusively liberal and progressive idea. Diversity is our strength and nothing says you’re inclusive and accepting than joining the world for those you support.

Will you go gay for 30 days to support the LGBTQ community?


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