OPINION: Why it should be considered a hate crime to NOT experiment with same-sex partners

You can't truly be an ally of a marginalized community unless you understand what you're standing up for

Pride month is upon us in full swing. The nation is shining brighter than ever with every color of the rainbow as LGBTQ representation fills our eyes and ears at every corner. Men are showing support for the LGBTQ community by “going gay for 30 days” and more and more Disney characters are revealed to be homosexual or bisexual upon release later this year!

This of course begs the question – if the LGBTQ community is a marginalized group of people, yet there are people who claim they are “allies” of the cause while decidedly not taking part in their lifestyle, are they really allies? Are they really supporting the LGBTQ community? Liberal Arts majors from UC Davis banded together to petition cause to make it a hate crime to not engage in homosexual behavior at least once every few years.

You can’t claim to be a Christian and go to church once every year. You need to keep the faith and go regularly, right? Same goes for supporting the LGBTQ community. You can’t just say you’re a supporter if you know nothing about it. It’s hateful and bigoted to do so. That’s why everyone should experiment at least once every few years just so they know what they’re standing up for.

  • Pablo Pablomas, 19, UC Davis

Perhaps if we label heterosexuality as a hate crime just as conservatives have done to homosexuality, that would ease the stigma behind the LGBTQ community. Maybe, just maybe conservatives wouldn’t be so hateful if they were to embrace one another every now and again and take part in the LGBTQ lifestyle. If they still are opposed to it after trying, at least they can say they did it – and be proud that they have done so.


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