“I quit my job and abandoned my family to protest Trump”

How one man chose to stand up against the corruption by abandoning everything he had

Ever since Trump became president, families have been ripped apart, relationships have ended, people have suffered from PTSD and marginalized groups of people no longer feel safe. This is indeed a dark time in America’s history and we can’t guarantee who will and won’t make it through Trump’s presidency.

In the case of Robert Callahan from Southern California, he felt compelled to quit his job and abandon his family as a way of protesting Trump and voicing his disdain for the presidency.

I just couldn’t handle the idea that Donald Trump is the president of the United States. I thought he’d be impeached because of obstruction of justice. I thought Stormy Daniels would be the end of him. Since the media has such a heavy conservative bias, I feel like I’m personally attacked. That’s why I quit my job and abandoned my wife and kids.

  • Robert Callahan, 29, Santa Ana California

If there’s one thing we know works for sure – it’s protest. Liberals have a tendency to protest in many powerful, brave and stunning ways. Robert Callahan currently volunteers in any local antifa chapters and frequents Bernie rallies to get his energy to protest some more.

Perhaps if Trump knew or had the presence of mind about what so many liberals are doing because of him, he’d do the right thing and step down. We can only hope. Diversity is our strength.


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