“I only share my wife with people of color” a new inclusive trend takes the nation by storm

Straight white men are volunteering to share their wives exclusively with people of color in order to combat both racism and sexism

When it comes to being on the right side of history and culture, few beat the bravery of the liberal left. Monogamous relationships are often sexist and territorial – especially since it requires that a man “own” his wife. Therefore, in an effort to feed two birds with one scone, millennial men are opting to share their wives exclusively with people of color in order to combat both racism and sexism.

Sharing your wife with other men by itself is a wonderful way to fight back against the patriarchy. Women have been fighting for their rights and freedoms for far too long – so why should women be expected to be stuck with one man even through marriage? It’s silly, sexist and needs to stop.

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Furthermore, brave white liberal men are not only willing to share their wives with other men, but many are exclusively deciding to share them with other people of color – giving the woman the freedom to choose which person of color she would like to be with that night. This is a two-fold win: the woman gets her freedom back as the patriarchy no longer has a stranglehold on her body, and people of color get more options.

I’ve been fighting against the patriarchy since we got married. I let my wife sleep with whoever she wants whereas I don’t get the same. Why? Because as a man, I’m privileged enough as it is. But I take it once step further by only sharing her with people of color. I’m not a racist and I’ll share my wife with a black guy to prove it.

  • Sean Huckleberry, 27, Vermont

Sean is one of many men who are telling the world how virtuous they are. We as a nation can only hope that many more men will opt to do the same. Not only will this give women the rights to their own bodies, but it will increase the overall quality of life for people of color in the country. Diversity is our strength.


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