It’s hate speech to call Ben Shapiro anything other than an alt-right white supremacist

Don't try to convince anyone that he isn't - because that's hate speech too.

Ben Shapiro is a so-called “conservative” commentator that has gotten extraordinarily popular over the past few years, especially with young millennials and Generation Z. However, if there’s one thing that’s clear as day, it’s the fact that Ben Shapiro is an alt-right white supremacist. Ben Shapiro corrupts the minds of these malleable young individuals with his racist, bigoted yet otherwise convincing-sounding arguments.

Shapiro himself is the first to dismiss any and all claims that he is “alt-right.” He claims that since he is an orthodox Jew, that he cannot be a white supremacist. This is the moral equivalent to saying “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend!” Using his religion as a shield against legitimate claims is low but that won’t stop him from doing so.

Ben Shapiro frequently visits college campuses for one reason only – to harass the students. He should NOT be allowed on college campuses because he’s the embodiment of hate speech.

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He claims that he was the number one target of alt-right attacks back in 2015 and 2016. We don’t like this idea because it hurts our narrative so we don’t need to look into this any further. This is clearly false and doesn’t stop him from being a white supremacist.

To call Ben Shapiro anything other than alt-right or a white supremacist is to turn a blind eye to the problem. Inaction is just as bad as neglect and looking away from oppression is just as bad as propagating it. If you think or say that Ben Shapiro isn’t a white supremacist, that’s hate speech – plain and simple. Hate speech should not be tolerated and is not protected under the first amendment.


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