Trump considering Alex Jones to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders as White House Press Secretary

Our country is headed to an even darker place with Alex Jones as its mouth piece.

Donald Trump has has a terrible track record of appointing White House Press Secretaries. He started with Sean Spicer, then moved on to pick Sarah Huckabee Sanders after he resigned. Both of these individuals are unamerican, non-progressive hateful bigots who are embarrassments to the country. However, after a wiretapped recording of President Trump in the oval office, our sources heard some disturbing news.

Trump is indeed considering Alex Jones from Info Wars to be the next White House press secretary. Alex Jones is an average representation of what Trump’s base looks like as well as how a typical conservative thinks. Trump’s pick of Alex Jones almost fits like a glove for him to be the next voice of his administration.

Alex Jones will be a perfect fit. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was great but I know, the world knows, everyone knows that Alex Jones will be a billion times better. No one delivers the truth better than Alex Jones. Believe me.

  • Donald Trump over wiretap from oval office

Alex Jones is a terrible pick for White House Press Secretary. With his rampant conspiracy theories, denial of the holocaust and Sandy Hook, extremist (though typical) conservative views – our country is headed to an even darker place with Alex Jones as its mouth piece. This is why we need to vote blue no matter who.


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