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Brave college liberals are shaving their eyebrows to protest Trump’s racist immigration policies

Nothing says you're opposed to Trump's bigoted policies than shaving off your eyebrows

When it comes to the blatant racism of the Trump administration, one needs not look further than his immigration policies. In short, Trump’s immigration policies simply mean to take people of color, separate their families and shove the children in cages. This is a horrifying time in American history and few know it more than college progressives and liberals across the nation.

This is why these brave souls are taking it upon themselves to shave their eyebrows off in support of the resistance to Trump’s bigoted policies. We must stand together with our undocumented population because papers or no papers, immigrants are human beings with heartbeats too (fetuses are not so don’t worry about them). This brave act of activism started in NYU where liberals banded together and shaved their eyebrows in the student union on campus.

I will continue to shave my eyebrows and keep them off until Trump is impeached and his racist immigration policies are abolished. We cannot stand for blatant racism and hatred in America. The more people who shave their eyebrows off, the more awareness will be spread. Only then will we be finally taken seriously.

  • Cory Ulysses, 22, NYU 

If you oppose the caging of small, innocent defenseless children on the basis of race, then it would be wise and beneficial for you to shave your eyebrows as well. This trend has become so effective that many communities who have shaven their eyebrows for the cause are seeing eyebrows as a symbol of hatred towards immigrants.

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Do you support immigrants? Do you support the rights of people of color? Yes? Then do the right thing and shave your eyebrows off.

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