Conservative trolls are appropriating LGBTQIAP+ culture and it needs to stop

Because no true gay would ever support Trump

“Obama didn’t legalize gay marriage so it could be abused by conservative trolls,” writes Dr. Karen Rebecca Jones-Jones, associate professor of gender studies at NYU in a recent paper on how access to social media only serves to further radicalize right-wingers, whereas the same platforms help ensure the progressive left remains as politically moderate as ever.

In it she explains how alt-right agents posing as gay and lesbian couples have infiltrated this sacred institution for nefarious ends.

“They seek to push the narrative that it is okay to simultaneously be gay, get married, AND acknowledge the current White House occupant as the 45th president.“ This, she goes on to explain, is deceptively diabolical, as No True Gay could ever be anything but a progressive leftist. The self-identified gays and lesbians who hold bigoted right-wing political views are all either homophobic LARPers or sexuality traitors.

“They take advantage of unsuspecting members of the LGBTQIAP+ community, who — much like womyn and racial minorities — are incapable of thinking for themselves and thus require the gentle paternalistic guidance of the Democratic Party. What this essentially amounts to is election interference.”

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Organizations like Gays for Trump and the SPLC-designated hate group The Persistence are known for taking particularly aggressive anti-LGBTQIAP+ measures, often going so far as to actively campaign for the re-election of Donald Trump.

“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. Social media companies have a moral responsibility to deplatform gay conservatives.”

Dr. Jones-Jones’s paper was delivered as a performance piece during an open mike event organized by the student union group White Ain’t Right, whose mission is to promote diversity and inclusion by calling out racism wherever it may be found. White Ain’t Right was founded in 2017 by NPC Daily’s very own Jared Michelle.

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