It’s time to admit that there’s no difference between deporting undocumented migrants and the holocaust

Anyone who disagrees with this fact is simply blinded by their own bigotry.

One thing that conservatives fail to understand is that undocumented migrants and asylum seekers have every constitutional right to be on American soil and are entitled to the same benefits awarded to American citizens. To think otherwise is simply racist and bigoted against people of color. That’s why it’s important to note the similarities between the deportation of undocumented minorities and the holocaust.

These two horrific acts have one thing in common – ridding the homeland of a minority race. ICE and other immigration officials don’t actually take immigration status into consideration when choosing to deport individuals. instead, they go by race and race alone. If you are from Hispanic or Latinx descent, you have a significantly higher chance of being rounded up in the millions of people being kicked out of the country.

The racist white men want to ban our race! I was born here and so were my parents. Because of the Trump administration, I live in fear that we may be one day deported to a country I’ve never been to!

  • Julio Gonzales, 22 NYU

It starts with “enforcing immigration law” as the conservatives say. The next logical step is mass extermination and genocide of all individuals of color. This abhorrent act is unamerican and unconstititional. This is why we need Joe Biden for president.

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