“I had an abortion because I found out my husband voted for Trump” the bravery of the liberal left

A new trend to get people to vote correctly is taking the nation by storm

Having political disagreements within a marriage is common since it’s not expected for a husband and a wife to agree on every single detail of every aspect of their lives. However, there comes a point where disagreements go outside the realm of politics and into the realm of right and wrong.

It takes strong wills and brave dispositions to walk away from a toxic relationship. In the case of Sandra Cassidy from Vermont, she decided to take matters into her own hands after finding out two years later that her husband actually voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Obviously their marriage would be in ruin after such a devastating revelation but matters were made more complicated because at the time she found out that her husband was a bigot, she was also 7 months pregnant.

It breaks my heart that I had to do this but I don’t want to raise a child knowing that she would be sharing DNA with a racist bigot homophobe. After finding out my husband voted for Trump in 2016, I rushed to Planned Parenthood to abort my pregnancy as soon as I could. He then had the nerve to ask me why I did such a thing – as if he doesn’t know what kind of person he is.

  • Sandra Cassidy, 27, Vermont

As we know, fetuses aren’t babies and aren’t even people. In fact, many brave and stunning liberals understand that fetuses are parasites and not part of the mother’s body. Her body, her choice and if she chooses to abort a pregnancy because the father is a rapist or a bigot, that’s her prerogative.

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This isn’t the first case of women fighting back against the patriarchy. There are misogynistic men across the country who have secretly voted for Trump without telling their wives or girlfriends. The trend of brave liberal women getting back at their bigoted closet-conservative husbands is taking the nation by storm. Sandra Cassidy was the first one to come forward with a story, but certainly isn’t the last.

What would you do if you found out your husband voted for Trump without telling you?


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