House Democrats propose new LGBTQ inclusive design for US flag to replace existing design

Times change and the current US flag design is due for an update in diversity

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the fact that the current US flag design is old and dated. Furthermore because of Trump’s racist and bigoted administration that has corrupted the American dream and promise over the past three years, many liberals cannot look at an American flag without feeling triggered.

For these reasons, the US flag was undoubtedly due for a face lift. The current “stars and stripes” look is a good template but the red and white stripes no longer represent the bravery and patriotism it once did. Instead, the red and white stripes strike fear into the hearts of America’s own citizens because red and white are the colors of Trump’s racist hats.

The movement started with a group of college liberals from UC Santa Cruz and it made its way to the California senate office. From there it went to congress and is now a full out proposition.

We need to change the way the world sees America. If the world sees our great nation as a nation of bigots and racists, we will be treated like it on the world scale. If our own citizens fear what we stand for, we will lose our unity. A rainbow LGBTQ American flag will bring love and support to the citizens of our country and the world will respect us again.

  • Nancy Pelosi

If the house passes the redesign, it will move to the senate. If the senate passes it, our country will be one step closer to being seen as the inclusive beacon of hope that it’s meant to be – regardless of how much Trump and his supporters oppose it. Diversity is our strength.


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