Trump announces intent to crown himself God Emperor after second term

"We need to impeach the motherf***er", experts warn.

Experts on the Trump “Presidency” have long expressed doubts as to whether the current White House occupant has any intention of stepping down after the Democrats win in 2020.

“He didn’t concede the election to Hillary in 2016,” points out Claudia Fox, veteran Women’s Marcher and a member of the social media #Resistance. “Why should he step down for Bernie?”

Ms. Fox is not alone in this view. Other members of the #Resistance have expressed similar opinions, frequently drawing attention to the eerie parallels between a certain World War II dictator who probably wouldn’t have stepped down for Bernie either.

Our worst fears were confirmed in a now viral tweet from the dictator-in-chief, which served the dual purpose of putting the world on notice while signaling to his followers that the cis white ethnostate they’d all been waiting for was near at hand.

Donald Trump clearly has no intention of ever stepping down. His plan has always been to turn our democracy into a dynasty so that his racist, sexist, racist, white supremacist, literal Nazi children can follow in his footsteps, and their racist, sexist, racist, white supremacist, literal Nazi children after them.

And theirs after them and theirs after them, and so on and so forth for the next 88,000 years. This is NOT normal. Which is why we need to impeach the motherf*ker before it’s too late.

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