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Twitter poll reveals that Trump has sexually assaulted over 93 people in the past

We believe all victims and Trump should be impeached on this alone.

It’s no secret that Trump likes to grab women by their genital areas against their consent simply because he perceives himself as rich and successful. There is evidence pointing to the fact that a significant portion of Trump supporters and members of his administration have engaged in acts of sexual assault in the past, i.e., Brett Kavanaugh. More recently, Jean Carroll, a liberal journalist also came forward after remembering that she was sexually assaulted by Trump in the 90s.

We live in an era where rape culture is rampant, boys aren’t being told not to sexually assault anyone and women have no rights. We must believe all women and all victims of sexual assault. NPC Daily put out a Twitter poll asking if anyone else had been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump in the past. The results were damning.

Out of 112 people who voted, 83% claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump in the past. This puts the counter at around 93 sexual assaults by Donald Trump. This is appalling! The victims do not need to be identified nor do they need to provide any evidence for these claims – to demand evidence that they were assaulted is a form of victim blaming and is a form of abuse itself.

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And this is only from those who responded to the twitter poll. Using the results of this as a sample size, and Trump assaulted 83% of them while there are approximately 160 million women in the US, we can safely assume that Donald Trump could have sexually assaulted 132 million women in the past!

With so many sexual assaults and rape attempts by our president, Trump should be impeached on this twitter poll alone. This is why we must vote blue no matter who. Diversity is our strength.

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