AOC’s facial expressions alone tell us just how bad the Trump concentration camps really are

These natural unstaged pictures show true raw emotion at the sight of horrific immigration policies

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a trip down to one of the Trump concentration camps on our southern border where numerous Hispanics are detained for the simple crime of being from Hispanic descent. We’ve seen images from 2015 of how bad these Trump camps are but we never truly knew the horrors that lie within until we saw AOC’s expressions during her photoshoot.

The pictures don’t show what she was actually looking at but we can only imagine it was because what she was seeing was so horrific that mere mortal eyes couldn’t behold the atrocities. We should thank Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for looking at the concentration camps where brown people are detained for absolutely reason and expressing discontent so we can see how hurt she is by the sight she chose not to show us.

We know for a fact that these pictures are not staged and that she was for sure looking at something awful. This is why we must impeach Trump and free every single asylum seeker. No one is illegal on stolen land. Diversity is our strength.


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