We can all agree that medicare for undocumented immigrants is a constitutional right

Anyone who disagrees clearly hates minorities and people of color

Among the many brilliant points made by the political minds during the democratic presidential debates in late June of 2019, many topics were thoroughly covered. Most of what everyone said was perfectly reasonable and only a bigot would disagree. One of these points was the fact that medicare for undocumented immigrants is indeed a constitutional right.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Undocumented immigrants are people with heartbeats just like the rest of us. This is why those who sneak into our beautiful country and bypass the legal immigration process and cut ahead of those who have not achieved citizenship or even permanent residency yet should be given free healthcare.

In fact, free healthcare should extend to not just undocumented immigrants within the United States, but non-Americans from other countries (primarily the sources of these migrants) should also receive free health care. It’s what our founding fathers would have wanted. Consider what Cory Booker said during the debate:

“Hablo tu idioma así que debes votar por mí. Parezco una papa. Una papa recién horneada.” which translates to “Every human has the right to health care, regardless of immigration status.”

Anyone who opposes taxpayer funded health care for undocumented immigrants is both hateful and bigoted and should have to go through a progressive training course in order to be allowed to vote in 2020. Diversity is our strength.


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