Shaun King to play Martin Luther King Jr. in upcoming “I Have a Dream” 2020 MLK movie

He's black, he's a social activist and he's an icon for African American justice

If anyone understands the struggles behind the underprivileged life of your average African American, it’s Shaun King. Shaun King, sharing the same last name as the renowned Civil Rights activist, shares many of the same progressive views and is seen as another leader of thought and authenticity in modern day social justice.

Shaun King doesn’t have an acting career but will be cast as Martin Luther King Jr. in the upcoming feature film “I Have a Dream” in December 2020, which will show the life and history of MLK’s social revolution.

I can think of no one better suited for the part of MLK than someone like Shaun King. He’s black, he’s a social activist and he’s an icon for African American justice.

  • John Smorf, director and producer of “I Have a Dream” 2020

2020 will be a big year in America. Should Trump get voted out of office, African Americans will finally get their rights back just in time for the movie’s release. More details of this groundbreaking movie will be revealed as soon as our sources get the inside scoop. Diversity is our strength. Vote blue no matter who.


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