Every single detained migrant in Trump’s concentration camps deserve freedom and the right to vote

Mike Pence's visit to Trump's concentration camps tell us that every single migrant must be set free

As we’ve all heard, Vice President Mike Pence visited one of Trump’s concentration camps and said that everything was fine despite the fact that the conditions were exactly the same – if not worse – than Hitler’s death camps and Auschwitz.

The clear solution to this entire problem is to let every single one of them go. None of these migrants did anything wrong except follow their dreams. Simply put, immigration laws shouldn’t apply to them – they should get a free pass ahead of those who are doing it the “correct” way because their lives were hard in their home countries.

Every single detainee deserves to be set free #closethecamps

Furthermore, every single one of these migrants deserve the right to vote in the next upcoming presidential election. Since Trump is primarily responsible for these migrant death camps, the prisoners within deserve the voice to vote out the tyrant that put them there to begin with.

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Under President Obama, very few migrants got deported. ICE didn’t exist and there were no concentration camps. Under Trump, his racism enacted policies that allow the mistreatment of people simply because they are not white. This must end – and those who were wronged deserve the opportunity to vote. Furthermore, migrants who pledge to vote Democrat deserve priority treatment over those who will vote another way.

Diversity is our strength.

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