Disney facing backlash for not casting African American for Mulan in 2020 remake

It's time to admit that Mulan should be played by a black woman instead

For a brief period in time, Disney proved how woke and progressive they are as they unabashedly cast a black female actress as Ariel in the upcoming live action remake. Upon releasing the teaser trailer for the upcoming 2020 live action remake of Mulan, liberals from across the nation expressed their disgust and disdain for Disney’s poor choices.

Simply put, Disney should not have cast a Chinese woman as Mulan. Instead, they should have cast an African American or another person of color as the protagonist.

I was so happy to see that there will be a black Ariel in the new movie. When I heard that Disney was remaking Mulan, I was hoping they would do the same but when I saw the trailer, I was triggered. I couldn’t stop crying. Why didn’t they cast a black woman as Mulan? It completely ruins the progressive values of Disney! They may as well be a company of Trump supporters now and I will NOT support that!

  • Paula Nansee – 22, Anaheim, California

Disney is facing backlash from the liberal left until they recast Mulan as a person of color. After all, it is 2019. If movies aren’t remade with values and ideologies progressive enough, they’re not worth watching. The hashtag #NotMyMulan has been trending wildly with individuals expressing their disappointment.

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