Women’s World Cup 2019: You’re a bigot if you don’t signal about this historic event.

With the success of the women’s 2019 world cup, it’s finally time to acknowledge that women are just as equal to men, if not more!

Much has changed since the bigoted days of 2016 when a team of future misogynists, egotists, and neo-conservatives (MEN) aged 15, unfairly scored more goals than the strong, then 5th world ranked female adult Australian squad 7-0. No, the world cup 2019 is a massive success and a step forward for strong females worldwide and it’s time for the evil men recognize this.

Watched around the world by at least five people and rightly shoved down the throats of all men over the mainstream media as the second coming of Jesus (who by the way will obviously be a woman) is a turning point in how sport should be viewed.

Dr. Professor Amanda Hator from the National Players Congress said: “With the advent of the world cup in the caliphate of France, it has boosted female participation in all gendered sports around the world, in Europe and even America! I now feel men will respect women more for doing a better job than they could ever do, even though the revolution is ongoing, this is a real watershed moment for equality and fairness!”

With the United States defeating the imperialist English in the semi-finals, notably team USA’s Alex White celebrating by a drinking tea pose, – a reference to the Boston tea party incident of 1773 when women rightfully refused to make men tea and throw it all into the sea, to what would begin the suffragette movement and the start of women’s strive for superior equality over all men.

The USA are now in the finals to play either The Netherlands or Sweden to win the prize of best ball kicker of any sex, gender, or female pronoun in the world!

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