California set to become first state to ban white people

In historic move, California will outlaw white people from becoming new residents of the golden state.

Years ago, California banned slavery, but also attempted to ban black people from coming to the state at all. Former slaves were migrating west, looking to settle in the rich state, but were met with much hostility and fear. Now, more than a century later, legislators of California seek to right that wrong by banning white people from moving to the state.

The California government currently allows all members of any race to move to the golden state, but a bill gaining ground in the state senate would historically change the way California handles new arrivals. All current white residents would not be forced to move, however, and this is troubling news to proponents of the bill. Many believe that the world’s fifth largest economy would greatly benefit if all white people were forced to leave, but the senate’s official statement has been that of benevolence toward current white residents.

California is already a state with a population problem, and many feel that the open border policy hurts people of color, as white people are able to move with more ease, and have more opportunity to come to California due to their natural privilege.

This isn’t about banning a race from Cali. This is about leveling the playing field

  • Bill Ayers, leader and activist 

As the bill moves on the senate floor, we will keep you updated here, so stay tuned.

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