It’s time to admit that climate change is solely caused by Trump’s tax cuts for the super wealthy

We're at the hottest year on record and Trump's tax cuts for the rich aren't helping

We’ve said it time and time again. In fact, there are twitter polls all over the social network pointing to the same conclusion – Trump’s tax cuts for the rich are directly responsible for the hottest global temperatures on record.

Our fragile planet is warming up at an alarming rate and unless we vote blue no matter who, raise taxes, provide abortion on demand and pay the women players of the FIFA Women’s World Cup their fair living wage, the climate will continue to spiral out of control. The polar ice caps will continue to melt and in 12 years, the world will end.

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How can we provent this imminent global catastrophe? Simple. We impeach Trump because of his racist and micro-aggressive border policies. We free every detained migrant and let every caged child go. We elect Bernie Sanders to a two year term and give 100 billion dollars to Iran. Once we turn the United States into the socialist utopia our founding fathers envisioned, only then will our planet’s habitability be restored.


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