Tim Pool shows up to Social Media Summit at the White House wearing beanie

Unauthorized journalist, improper attire

Social media is in an uproar over unapproved journalist Tim Pool’s total lack of propriety while attending Thursday’s Klan rally at the White House, hosted by the building’s current occupant.

“The purpose of this summit is for me to meet with my ministers of propaganda,” Trump announced via Twitter in the days leading up to the event. “Very fine people like Carpe Donktum and Tim Pool. We’re going to send a message to these companies — that we’re not going to stand for their moderating our hateful rhetoric against everyone who isn’t a cis white male. We will not be silenced.

The gathering began much as anyone would have expected — Liz Cheney opened with her customary Antisemitic remarks, then went on to levy racist criticisms against fellow congresswomxn Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez before praising Trump’s concentration camps. Somebody tried to lynch a reporter in the rose garden — nothing out of the ordinary — Trump’s America, after all.

“It was just your typical white supremacist rally on the White House lawn,” explains alt-right provocateur Benny Johnson. “The kind we have all the time with Lindsey and Kavanaugh.”

“Until Tim Pool showed up wearing that grey beanie,” adds Charlie Kirk. “I wish we could deport him to whatever shithole Asian country he came from. We should deport all women too.”

According to hate speech advocate Ali Alexander — who recently came under fire for his racist, white supremacist, misogynistic, slut-shaming Twitter attack against presidential hopeful Kamala Harris — “We agreed on hoods. Not beanies, hoods. Leave it to the journo to ruin the effect for everybody.”

Tim is likewise facing criticism from members of the media who were utterly scandalized over his choice of attire.

“He’s dressed like a homeless man,” remarks Journalist EW founder Dustin Levitt in a video apology on behalf of his profession. “This is why we consider him unapproved.”

NPC Daily stands with Mr. Levitt in denouncing Tim Pool’s hateful headwear. As previously noted by actorvist Alyssa Milano:

Diversity is our strength.

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