Liberals are licking ice cream containers without purchasing to protest Trump’s concentration camps

It's not just a fad. It's a form of protest - and it's working.

In a stunning and brave turn act of progressive protest, liberals from across the country are taking it upon themselves to express their disdain for Trump’s racist policies by licking ice cream containers and putting them back on the shelves without purchasing.

Trump’s racist policies include ripping brown babies from their desperate mothers and violently shoving them into cages akin to dog pounds and animal shelters waiting to be euthanized. This is inhumane and cannot be overlooked.

We were fortunate enough to get a quote from a liberal protester who decided enough is enough with our current administration’s racist policies.

Trump is putting children in cages and separating families. ICE is a racist organization no better than Nazis during the holocaust. That’s why we lick ice cream containers before putting them back in the freezers in stores and markets. Not only do we want our 15 minutes of fame but we want to send a message that racism is bad!

  • Shtuninh Anbrahv, 23, UC Irvine

We don’t condone violence or destructive behavior but when it comes to standing up for the rights of foreign-born Americans, it’s easy to see the frustration brewing in the hearts of those who aren’t bigoted conservatives.

That’s why we must vote blue no matter who. Diversity is our strength.


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