New Pokémon games to have “other” options for gender in character creation

Pioneering in progressive and woke gaming

Written by Neville Percival Croft

We all know just how problematic the Pokémon series is. From its endorsement of animal abuse to its exclusion of the other 300 gender identities, there is no shortage of issues that the series fails to recognize. In a completely unforeseen and stunning move, producer Junichi Masuda has confirmed that in the new Pokémon Sword and Shield games, there will be an “other” option in character creation for persons who fall outside the traditional and hateful gender binary.

Please understand, I’ve listened to a great deal of feedback from fans and come to realize that not every player feels safe when playing Pokémon. A lot of transgender and non binary fans have sent letters saying that they feel left out, which is something I hate to hear. Pokémon is for everyone, even women with penises.

  • Junichi Masuda
A true pioneer in progressive gaming.

As someone who identifies as a Greysexual Novigender, I’m thrilled to hear this pleasant news. A horrifying lack of representation made me throw away my Pokémon games as a child. It just makes me happy that no other child of unassumed gender identity will ever have to do the same again!

The Pokémon themselves have been confirmed to come in a variety of gender identities too.

It’s clear that this bold and daring move is something to be celebrated and hopefully other game companies follow the example of progressive Pokémon. However, there is still work for them to do. Having the option to dress your Pokémon in drag is something I’ve longer for, and the battle system needs desperately changing so that no Pokémon are harmed in combat. Until then, we wish the Pokémon company all the best and applaud them for smashing the patriarchy.

Diversity is our strength.

Neville Croft

Neville Percival Croft is a brave, bold and daring reporter for NPC Daily after being laid off from BuzzFeed because of xirs apparently "overtly communist views". Nonetheless, Neville is a unique, freethinking individual that brings lots of cards to the table such as xirs ability to smash the patriarchy in less than 10 minutes and xirs prestigious Gender Studies degree helps xir to critically analyse and report in a completely unbiased fashion. Also, xe is a proud Greysexual Novigender and has a moderate soy latte addiction. Please never assume xirs gender. This entire site is satire.
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