14 heartbreaking photos that will make you want to rip apart the constitution and abolish our borders

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The squad is on to something when it comes to the fact that America, though great, is an absolutely abhorrent place. It treats women like cattle, it treats immigrants and people of color like second or third class citizens, people are dying in the streets because Meals on Wheels was defunded – the list goes on.

Welcome to Trump’s America.

child locked in cage
A Hispanic child caged by ICE. Immigrants are people with heartbeats too.
trump era concentration camp
These unbearable conditions in Trump’s concentration camps are so hard to look at. How can anyone be so inhumane to allow this?
trump camps
More of Trump era concentration camps. This is truly a dark time in America’s history.
migrants locked in cages
Latinos are locked in cages regularly simply because they are not white. This is unacceptable. We must have open borders.
migrant children locked in cages
More displays of migrants locked in cages yet no one seems to care. Why? Because everyone is racist. We must abolish the constitution.
small children locked in cages
How can anyone be so cruel as to lock children in cages simply because they weren’t born here?
trump concentration camps children locked in cages
More children locked in cages with little to no food or water. Welcome to Trump’s America.
caged children
Migrant children in Trump’s concentration camps are forced at gunpoint to watch outdated 90s movies over and over again.
climate change protesters
Protesters are putting their live at risk to get the message across that climate change is a real man-made issue and America is solely to blame… yet no one listens.
AOC crying for caged children
This heartbreaking photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crying outside a migrant detention center just shows how much we need to rip up our constitution.
Rachel Maddow crying for children
When Rachel Maddow cries at the abhorrence of the United States, you know it’s time to impeach Trump.
Crying liberals
How long will this go on? We must abolish the constitution before it’s too late.
Crying liberals trump election
When a president’s existence brings this much anguish to a population, you know it’s time for a change.
Trump inauguration crying liberal
Respectable liberals are reduced to tears after suffering from PTSD since the beginning of the Trump administration.


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