Lion King 2019 scored so low in reviews because Simba wasn’t gay in the live action remake

Lion King would have been so much better had they stuck to their plans to make Simba gay

On July 19th, the live action remake of Lion King was released and within hours of its premier, the low ratings trickled in. As if Disney didn’t learn enough lessons in the past, they decided to go down the traditional route of the Lion King story without updating its plot to a more woke setting.

Apart from the brilliant frame-by-frame re-imagining of the intro sequence which almost made up for the movie’s entire downfall by itself, it was hard to ignore the more blatant truth staring us in the face – Simba was straight the entire movie. He was a heterosexual. He still ended up with Nala.

Despite what was published in a previous NPC Daily article Simba will be gay in Disney’s live action remake of Lion King and it’s awesome, the remake contained no such plot twist. Instead we were stuck with the same old overrun and overused Lion King story. Boring!

We wanted a gay Simba. We wanted a transgender Rafiki. We wanted Nala to be a male and Simba to end up with him. We wanted the sexual tension between Mufasa and Scar to be explored. We wanted an intimate romantic scene between Timon and Pumba. We wanted all of that yet Disney provided none of it.

This is why the ratings were so low for Lion King 2019. The only way to fix the movie industry by having the cast completely gay (or at the very least, not completely straight) is to elect Democrats to office. If we elect Bernie Sanders as president in 2020, there will be true cinematic diversity represented by a 100% gay cast in every new movie remake. This alone is worth the vote. Diversity is our strength.


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