Elizabeth Warren will cameo in Disney’s 2021 live action Pocahontas remake

A wonderful way to for Disney to play tribute to the Native American culture

Disney is on a roll with their production of live action remakes of their classic animated films. It’s a hit or miss whether or not their productions are successful but it seems to solely depend on whether or not they are inclusive and progressive. For instance, Lion King 2019 failed miserably because they didn’t make Simba gay but The Little Mermaid is already on the right track for casting a strong young African American woman as Ariel.

Disney is currently producing a live action Pocahontas set to release late 2021 and it paying heavy tribute to the massacre and slaughter of the history surrounding Native American culture. It’s not settled who will play Pocahontas just yet but it’s looking like it could either be Kerry Washington or Donald Glover in a wig.

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John Smith is set to be played by either Ryan Gosling or Terry Crews. We can only hope that Disney continues their trend in casting a woke set of characters so the less white characters, the better.

So naturally when speaking of non-white Native American pure blood characters, we were happy to hear that Elizabeth Warren will cameo in a scene during the live action remake.

I can’t confirm or deny but let’s just say that I thank Disney for allowing me the opportunity to display my heritage in their live action remake.

  • Elizabeth Warren

We couldn’t be happier. It’s the cherry on top that will make Pocahontas the movie of the year. Should she wing the presidency in 2020, she will be the first sitting president to cameo in a Disney movie – and that’s what America is all about.


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