Right wing bigots have appropriated the rainbow and now use it as a symbol of hate

The rainbow is now a symbol of hate and people should avoid using it

The rainbow used to stand for one thing and one thing only – pride in homosexual thoughts and behaviors. This was before right wing bigots decided to hijack the symbol of pride and turn it into a twisted symbol of hate like so many of them do.

One may ask how the rainbow can possibly be hateful? There are many examples in the world and online that point to this fact.

If there’s one thing conservatives and right wingers love more than everything, is separation. The rainbow flag displays six colors – six separate colors. They aren’t mixed together in a prideful and unifying way. No, each line on the rainbow flag is a separate straight line – more of a slap in the face to the LGBT community than anything.

The fact that conservatives discovered this design flaw is astounding and it comes as no surprise that right wingers are using this information to shun and smack around the LGBT community like a schoolyard bully.

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Consider the honkly meme or the clown meme. The clown meme is a racist symbol that expresses hate towards minorities, women and anyone who isn’t a heterosexual. What’s that on the meme’s head? A rainbow wig or rainbow hair.

Bigoted hateful anti inclusion racist xenophobic homophobic islamophobic transphobic conservative meme

We encourage all supporters of the LGBTQ community work together and come up with a new flag or symbol that represents their pride – preferably something that can’t be hijacked and appropriated by right wing bigots.


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