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Point of personal privilege – clapping is triggering to those with anxiety and should be replaced with jazz hands

The gesture of clapping should be banned and considered a hate crime.

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For thousands of years, the act of clapping has been used to express agreement, enjoyment or pleasant surprise – but times have changed. Slavery was legal for hundreds of years before it was abolished yet it doesn’t mean it was morally right at the time. It’s time to move away from clapping and start throwing up jazz hands instead.

What are jazz hands? Jazz hands simply means throwing one or both open hands up into the air and shacking them rapidly whenever you hear something you agree with or enjoy. It’s quieter and it doesn’t trigger those who are prone to sensory overload or who have anxiety disorders.

It’s not enough, however, for there to be a smooth gradient or transition to jazz hands from clapping. Clapping should be considered a hate crime against disabled minorities.

If you clap, you’re making unnecessary noise that could reach the ears of those who aren’t prepared to hear it. It’s a form of assault no different than catcalling or rape. Furthermore, clapping releases trace amounts of heat and the repeated gesture, especially with multiple people in the room taking part in this hateful action, could increase the room temperature and contribute vast amounts to climate change. After all, we have only 12 years left before climate change becomes irreparable.

Clapping should be banned and anyone who is caught gesturing in this bigoted way is no better than the collection of xenophobic Trump supporters who elected him in the first place. Clapping means you’re complicit in his reelection and those who do so are what’s wrong with the country and the world.

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