Twitter poll reveals that liberals are more physically attractive than conservatives

It's time to admit that Liberals are objectively prettier and more attractive than conservatives.

According to a twitter poll that gained over 2.5 million votes, it was determined that liberals are more physically attractive than conservatives.

It comes as no surprise that many individuals from across the nation conflate bigoted ideology with unfavorable visual attraction. Simply put – if you’re mean, you’re ugly. Since there is nothing nice about conservative ideology or Republican policy, anyone who subscribes to these ideas have a higher chance of their physical appearance matching their mindset. Bleak and unattractive.

Keep in mind physical attraction is a surface level concept but that doesn’t mean bias can’t influence appearances.

I used think Chris Pratt was a hot piece of man candy but ever since he expressed a few slightly right leaning views, he looks like and ugly version of Danny DeVito to me and I can’t unsee it.

  • Nolan Prescilla, 22, UC Irvine

This just goes to show you that if you’re a liberal, you have a higher chance of being attractive, attracting a partner and making your partner happy with your appearance than if you’re a conservative. For many, this should be a fully sufficient reason to swing your entire worldview and vote blue in 2020.


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