Fortnite is an alt-right propaganda game encouraging gun violence and building walls and should be banned

Fortnite is a bigoted hateful video game that leads to far right violent extremism

For a brief period of time, Fortnite, a game which celebrates the act of building walls while simultaneously shooting enemy players in unprecedented graphics, was top of the charts. This video game has been infecting the minds of our already troubled youth by giving them ideas that line up one-to-one with Trump’s ideology.

When a Fortnite match begins, players are encouraged to chop down trees in order to accumulate supplies and resources to build walls. Right away, this conflicts with the progressive liberal view that we should preserve our environment. Deforestation isn’t a joke.

Trump has been talking about building a wall to keep, in his words, the “dirty, disgusting, invasion of rapist murder Mexicans out of our country.” Fortnite encourages players to build walls with your deforested trees.

Actual in-game footage of a racist wall being built in Fortnite. Sickening.

In order to win, players must shoot and kill other enemy players in a kind of mass shooting no different than those that have taken place on American soil due to the lack of common sense gun laws.


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