Brave millennial decries Democratic Socialists of America for tolerating gendered language

The DSA should hold its (white) members to a higher standard

Brave millennial reporter Jared Michelle (he/him) recently attended the Democratic Socialists of America National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia with his theyfriend Sharon (pronouns she/her), only to return haunted by the experience.

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Convention goers had been promised an empowering safe space in which comrades would be free to plot — without fear of clapping or hatethink — the overthrow of the fascist Nazi dictatorship we suddenly discovered ourselves living in on November 8th, 2016. Jared instead found himself continuously bombarded by the gendered language of sensory-insensitive comrades who had little regard for how triggering words like “guys” can be to one’s anxiety.

In the clip below, Sharon can be seen confronting the intolerance within the DSA’s own ranks:

Jared heroically managed to smuggle out footage of the harrowing event, only his camera was irreparably damaged before said footage could be uploaded to the NPC Daily YouTube channel. (Sharon spotted a Trump supporter on the way back to the youth hostel at which they were staying and used it to bash the fash.) Which is why we are sharing a video from the channel of notorious white supremacist and unapproved journalist Andy Ngo.

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NPC Daily applauds both Sharon and Jared for their stunning displays of bravery. It’s easy to stand up to a Nazi when you’re surrounded by a few dozen of your comrades. It’s a lot harder when your comrades are the ones verbally genociding persyns of non-binary.

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