“A Trump supporter called me ‘Fredo’ and now I’m in therapy” more example of right wing bigotry

Italian-Americans are being systemically harassed and bullied by Trump supporters calling them this racial slur

It was another day in Trump’s America. When Anthony Mezzasalma brought his wife’s boyfriend to an Olive Garden for a guy’s night out, he was approached by a man in a red MAGA cap who proceeded to call him Fredo to his face.

Mezzasalma ran off in tears and since he was hours from UC Davis, his university, and subsequently couldn’t use their designated safe space and/or cry closet, he was forced to feel his feelings in the dinginess of his own car.

It’s the “n” word for Italians. I can’t believe he said that to me! He may has well told me to go back to Italy even though I was born here! You always hear stories of other people be the victims of hate crimes but never yourself. This form of hate speech should be banned!

  • Anthony Mezzasalma, 22, Davis, California

Truly heartbreaking. After giving his quote, he said that there was a chance that it may have been a slight misunderstanding given the fact that the bigoted MAGA hat wearing racist wasn’t exactly facing Mezzasalma’s direction but was facing the waiter and could have simply ordered a fettuccine alfredo. Either way, this does not detract from the trauma endured by Mezzasalma.

Hate speech is real and no one should have to endure such verbal violence at the will of a bigoted Trump supporter. There’s no place in our country for such hatred.


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