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The Hong Kong protests are proof that right-wing Americans are just racist

Right-wing Trump supporters choose to rally behind the protesters in Hong Kong, but stood against the Black Lives Matter protesters. Why?

Protests stretch across days and many long nights, with flash-bangs and violence echoing in the streets. Carrying signs and wearing masks, hundreds of young adults in Hong Kong fight for justice and demand rights from their leaders. Here in the US, many anti-Trump protesters can sympathize. However, the support given to Hong Kong by the US has been limited, and ironically, many Trump supporters who vehemently denounced the protesters on American soil stand behind the people of Hong Kong.

It begs the question: why do right-wingers in the US really support these protesters? Why did they show up to protests here in America only to fight against them? It comes down to something incredibly simple. Skin color.

Trump-supporting right-wingers have shown that they will not stand for black people’s rights. They will even fight antifa members who show solidarity with Latinx people in their communities. Asians, though, especially ones who use their racist mascot Pepe in protests, are obviously welcome in the ideal white world.

When it comes to it, the truth is that many of your relatives are just racist. Some of your neighbors just hate POCs. The next racist to emerge could be a teacher who hasn’t spoken up at your child’s school, or a prominent business owner in your downtown, or even a spouse. And that should really scare you.

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Quinn Barton is a social activist and member of Boston Antifa since its inception in 2017. She spends most of her time as a freegan at local vegan restaurants and the rest at demos for social justice. During the hardest years of her life (the Trump election), Quinn discovered a passion for politics, which has since transcended into videography and writing for the esteemed Boston Antifa collaboration with Dustin Levitt, journalist advocate for Journalist Excellence Worldwide. This entire site is satire.

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