Vladimir Putin has a painting of Donald Trump in a dress at the Kremlin

A strange discovery unveils a rather bizarre painting of Donald Trump at the Kremlin

As if we needed more proof that Trump and the Russians were working together, intelligence sources discovered that a bizarre painting of Donald Trump in a dress is displayed in a museum wing of the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin himself has most likely used this painting as leverage or blackmail all this time.

This makes the painting of Bill Clinton in a dress and red heels discovered at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island not look nearly as bad. Perhaps with Clinton’s painting, it was more of a joke or for fun – albeit, extremely strange and perhaps utilizing outrageous dark humor.

The painting of Trump in a dress hanging in Putin’s headquarters is damning proof that Russia colluded with the 2016 Trump campaign and personally hacked our elections. It’s the only logical conclusion behind the existence of this strange and perverted painting.

Painting of Donald Trump in a dress

This painting shows that Trump is not the alpha male he sets out to be. He is not the respectable leader we sees himself as. This painting shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that Trump is a puppet and can be used as a pawn in any scheme bigger than himself.

If this doesn’t make Trump supporters run away from the GOP and let go of every single one of their conservative ideologies, then there truly is no force on Earth that will pull the followers away from the cult leader. This is why we must vote blue no matter who.


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