Alt-right provocateur threatens violence against peaceful antifascist demonstrator

Tara LaRosa is out of control

August 17th, 2019 is a day the people of Portland will not soon forget. Right-wing extremists like Andy Ngo roamed the streets, terrorizing innocent antifascists with their cameras or otherwise brandishing the American flag — a hate symbol that is particularly triggering to persyns of trans.

Unapproved journalist Julio Rosas (a noted white supremacist, featured in the video above) went on to provoke a POC, who was later arrested for the crime of being black.

Only in Trump’s America. 😡

But the Nazis weren’t content to check the violence at the Twitter login. Misogynistic gender traitor Tara LaRosa — who makes a living beating up other womyn decided to flex her MAGA muscles against one of the most highly-decorated comrades in the antifascist movement, the leader of Antifa’s Portland chapter, that mysterious revolutionary known only as IE.

This is completely unacceptable. Why is Twitter protecting these fascists, and when is the FBI going to designate people with #MAGA in their profiles domestic terrorists? IE literally did nothing wrong in organizing yesterday’s peaceful Portland protest, yet now he is forced to cower in the basement of his main boyfriend’s mother in fear for his life.

Why is IE being targeted? Because of his bravery. Because of his unwillingness to back down in the face of adversity. Because of his refusal to put his own health, personal hygiene, and emotional wellbeing ahead of the cause. Because he is so dedicated to the overthrow of this fascist Nazi dictatorship that he doesn’t have time to engage in gainful employment.

You can show your support for Commander IE and the brave antifash warriors of Rose City by using the hashtags #istandwithIE and #IEdidnothingwrong. Or by visiting

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