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Millennials are using essential oils to speed up Trump’s impeachment process and it’s working

Essential oils are proving to be key to removing Trump from office

If there’s one thing that liberal millennials know better than others, it’s the incredible potential of essential oils. For those who don’t know, essential oils are scented oils that calm the nerves and soothes the senses.

Millennials have been at the forefront of using essential oils for every day use in order to cure their headaches or hangovers, it helps them sleep better and in some cases, it indirectly gives them good luck – primarily because through their use, they are more focused and present.

Lavender essential oil is great for calming the nerves before protesting Trump’s fascist policies

Progressives and other liberal protesters are using essential oils by spreading it all over their skin, face and even their hair. By doing this, the scented fragrance permeates their aura and they can protest and burn American flags with utmost precision and efficiency.

I don’t even know how I would protest without essential oils. I used essential oils to pass my gender studies final exam. I use essential oils to cure my impotence – it hasn’t worked yet but I know it will. That’s why I use essential oils before standing up for my rights. Otherwise my protesting would be pointless and not nearly as effective.

On a larger scale, Trump is a difficult foe to take down and remove from office. In order to get him impeached properly, we need to protest effectively. In order to protest effectively, we need to be firing on all cylinders and be thinking clearly. In order to do that, essential oils are used.

Every protest that challenges Trump is one more obstacle that he has to overcome – meaning every protest against Trump pushes him one step closer to impeachment.

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