It’s time to admit that Trump is solely responsible for the Amazon rain forest on fire

Donald Trump is to blame for the world's largest fire in the Amazon rain forest

Many of our natural resources come from the Amazon rain forest so when news broke that the biggest forest in the world is on fire, only one thought crossed our minds – clearly this is Trump’s fault.

We know this is the fault of the Trump administration for the simple fact that Donald Trump thinks that global warming is a hoax made by the Chinese government. Furthermore, Trump wants to buy Greenland which by itself, is a racist gesture. It follows logically that the biggest forest fire ravaging the Amazon is 100% caused by the actions, words, thoughts and tweets of Trump himself.

There will no doubt be conservatives and Republicans defending Trump’s actions as if they don’t know that Trump started the fire. The simple truth is that if you believe – or aren’t convinced that Trump is responsible for the Amazon forest fire, there’s only one logical explanation: you too are a racist who hates Mexicans and women.

If the Amazon forest fire shows us one thing, it’s that we need medicare for all, higher taxes on the wealthy and a Democratic Socialist administration. We can’t sit idly by and let Trump burn our planet the way he has been. That’s why we must vote blue no matter who. Diversity is our strength.

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