Conservatives are mad because Justin Trudeau has more class and style than Trump ever will

Justin Trudeau is a prime example of the benefits one can achieve from letting go of toxic masculinity

If there’s one thing that we know besides the fact that Trump made an international embarrassment of the United States at the G7 Summit, the the cold hard truth that Justin Trudeau has more style and suave than Trump.

Given the fact that it’s 2019, we look for different qualities in those who identify as male. Traditional masculine qualities like bold personalities, assertiveness and a generalized control of one’s surroundings are no longer desirable. Instead, we look at gender-fluid and pansexualized qualities such as those bravely expressed by Justin Trudeau over the weekend.

Crossed legs, flamboyant socks, a flattering blue suit and a Canadian nationality – all qualities of a desirable man in 2019. Compare that against Trump’s more traditional “rugged” look and attire, manspreading and overall reek of toxic masculinity – it’s no wonder why Melania tried to make a pass at Justin while Donald wasn’t looking.

Melania Trump moments before she became the only sitting First Lady in history to cheat on the president with the prime minister of a foreign country.

That’s what happens when you cling to toxic masculinity. Justin Trudeau abandoned any and all forms of masculinity years ago and the result is a more tasteful man that steals the hearts of the woke.


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