Democratic frontrunner Kirsten Gillibrand EXPOSED as white supremacist

White feminism is white supremacy

Gendercide. Noun. The literal erasure of a persyn who identifies as — or who has ever identified as — one or more of the atraditional, federally-protected Tumblr genders and sexualities. Those of us who aren’t racist MAGA hat-wearing Islamophobic bigots can generally agree that gendercide is a bad thing. Generally. But as my theyfriend Sharon and I recently discovered during the annual Democratic Socialists of America convention, secret Nazis are literally EVERYWHERE, even among our own comrades.

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Take Democratic presidential frontrunner Kirsten Gillibrand. Intersectional feminist. Mother. And closet white supremacist Trump supporter, as evidenced by the fact that if she had her way, the ongoing Latinx genocide would be inclusive of persyns of trans.

“The future is female”, she has been known to proclaim. Clearly there is no room for alternatively-gendered individuals in Gillabrand’s idealized white ethnostate. Except in a concentration camp.

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Yes, white feminists are white supremacists. This is an indisputable fact that cannot. be. stated. enough.

A traditional white feminist rally

White feminists are all the same — racist, sexist, xenophobic TERFs who love to virtue signal on social media about how they are suuuch great allies, but who secretly voted for Trump because their husbands ordered them to do so, or who simply did not do enough during the Kavanaugh hearings to destroy an innocent man’s life.

One white feminist is interchangeable with the next. They even look alike.

If there was ever any doubt about Kirsten Gillibrand being a white feminist, here is a picture of her clapping for Trump during the 2019 State of the Union Address:

White feminism is an existential threat to our democracy — right up there with toxic masculinity, Trump, free speech, Trump, cultural appropriation, Trump, climate change, Russia, the United States Constitution, and Mike Pence.

It is imperative we unite against this horrible, hateful womxn and support Bernie in 2020.

Jared Michelle

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