Boston Antifa: The Movie was an extinction-level disappointment

Dustin should have been played by a persyn of color

Journalist Excellence Worldwide has made a documentary about the former leaders of Boston Antifa, who stepped down earlier this year in order to devote more time to progressive journalism.

We strongly urge you to boycott this film.

Dustin Levitt and Quinn Barton took the world by storm in 2017 with videos and social media posts designed to educate, inform, and enlighten slaves of the American culture about the racism, patriarchy, and meritocracy endemic to Western society.

These were not the mysterious masked individuals whose bravery in the face of fascism made them seem so much larger than life. These were real persyn characters with unique thoughts and ideas — not to mention incredible musical talent.

Dustin and Quinn gave us the courage we needed to speak to truth to power. To take a stand against racism, microaggression, and hatespeak. To #resist the results of the stolen 2016 election, when literally everyone else was bending the knee.

Without Dustin and Quinn, would Antifa have been so well received by the mainstream media? Probably, as we’re all pretty much part of the same social circle. But there’s no denying that they helped present a more human narrative of what it means to put on masks and beat up trash cans, disabled veterans, and Trump supporters.

I, personally, was inspired.

As a strong supporter of the anti-fascist movement — and of Democratic Socialism in general — I was naturally overjoyed to learn that a feature-length documentary was being made about my comrade colleagues’ heroic exploits against the fash. Nothing would have prepared me for the profound feelings of disappointment I suffered as a result of such a horrifyingly non-inclusive casting job: Dustin and Quinn were both portrayed by white people. The year is 2019.

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I am sick and tired of seeing white people on television and film. Racism is a serious problem in this country. As the two comrades in question have pointed out, racism is as American as baseball.

Which is precisely why I became a Democratic Socialist: to tear down this fascist Nazi regime and build a utopia free of want and waste. (And white people.)

I made it about five minutes in before realizing the whole project had been a lost cause. Once again, the special people in my life have let me down.

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I’m told we have to include the video for legal reasons, but I strongly urge you not to watch it and to instead #BoycottBostonAntifa.

I reached out to Comrade Coworker Quinn for comment, but she was too upset to form a coherent response. From what I understand, the producers led her to believe she would be portrayed by Riley Dennis. Quinn is now considering her legal options.

We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

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