Hurricane Dorian is directly caused by Trump’s racist and misogynistic climate denial policies

If it weren't for Trump's xenophobia, we wouldn't be facing such an existential threat to our nation.

Hurricane Dorian, which is barreling its way towards Florida a we speak, is a devastating force of nature that can be blamed on one person and one person alone. Donald Trump. If it weren’t for his racism and misogynistic remarks, his bigoted climate denial policies would never have been enacted and this hurricane would have never formed.

This hurricane has the potential to kill millions, if not hundreds of millions of people as it hits the shores of Florida and gets more powerful as it sweeps the nation, devastating the Eastern seaboard, the midwest and eventually the west coast – ravaging everything in its path.

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On dozens of occasions, Trump said he wanted to nuke the hurricane in order to dissipate it but we know that the only reason he’d want to do that would be to hurt people of color.

We must impeach Trump before the hurricane hits our shores!


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