Prominent alt-right bot glitches, revealing ties to Russia

Ian Miles Cheong is not what you think

Misogyny. Chauvinism. Patriarchy. These are the words that come to mind when we think of video games, but have you ever considered why the online gaming community has become so infected with toxic masculinity?

An extremely thorough NPC Daily investigation has revealed that the Russians are behind literally EVERYTHING.

Tweeting under the handle @stillgray, “Ian Miles Cheong” has long been associated with two things: video games and bigotry. Which is why it came as no surprise to our investigators that the account would be followed by alt-right figures such as Scott Presler and Tim Pool.

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But thanks to the hard work of NPC Daily investigative journalists, @stillgray has now been outed as part of a bot network operated by four elderly Russian womyn with a laptop, who in 2016 were approached by a Kremlin representative with an offer of 15,000 rubles, a microwave oven, and a 1992 Gaz Volga sedan. Their mission? The complete and utter subversion of Western democracy and to steal the election for Donald Trump.

The automobile has since broken down, but the microwave should be arriving any day now.

NPC Daily first became suspicious of the @stillgray account in the wake of the June 29th anti-fascist rally in which Rose City Antifa was forced to defend itself from notorious white supremacist (and unapproved journalist) Andy Ngo.

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That Ngo is the child of Vietnamese immigrants told us the Nazis had grown more sophisticated in their recruitment and thus far more dangerous — the racists were now hiding in plain sight.

Naturally, we became suspicious of ALL Asians.

But it wasn’t until this August 25th tweet that our bias against the @stillgray bot was confirmed, subsequently launching the investigation that would prove Russian collusion once and for all:

There you have it, folks: the single most damning piece of evidence that has ever been presented against Donald Trump. It’s time to impeach.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our legal department is working with Twitter Safety to have the “Ian Miles Cheong” account permanently suspended from the platform. But the Russians certainly aren’t making it easy.

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