NPC Daily reporter files lawsuit against founder of Journalist Excellence Worldwide

Quinn Barton sues Dustin Levitt over bigoted Boston Antifa movie

NPC Daily reporter Quinn Barton is suing domestic partner Dustin Levitt, claiming to have been misled by the Journalist Excellence Worldwide founder’s repeated assurances that she would be portrayed by YouTuber Riley Dennis in Boston Antifa: The Movie, a documentary poorly received by the antifascist community due to its complete lack of diversity.

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According to the claim mistakenly filed to Tumblr by her lawyer Andy Kuntz, Mx. Barton’s anxiety was literally triggered upon discovering herself played not by a persyn of trans but a biological femxle. She claims to have developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of Mx. Levitt’s intransensitive casting choice, causing her to miss protesting last weekend’s Anti-LGBTQIAP+ White Pride Parade.

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Mx. Barton further alleges Mx. Levitt’s conduct to have caused damage to her reputation, citing multiple death threats she’s since received from her close friends and comrades. Mx. Barton is seeking damages in the amount of $11,719.17 for a broken promise and time lost from protesting.

NPC Daily spoke briefly to Mx. Levitt, who said he is considering a countersuit over damages inflicted by Mx. Barton to the kitchen trash can. He declined to comment further, indicating his wish to keep this a private matter between approved journalists. He referred all future inquiries to his lawyer Andy Kuntz

We reached out to Mx. Kuntz for comment. Xe expressed xir frustration with both xir clients and said that xe too is considering xir legal options.

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