IT Chapter Two is an alt-right homophobic transphobic piece of bigoted propaganda that should be boycotted

Many viewers are seeking therapy after subjecting themselves to this hateful movie.

If you’ve seen IT Chapter Two, chances are you already know what this article will be about. If you haven’t, consider this article a warning. IT Chapter Two highlights and glorifies the brutalization and murder of homosexuals and the torture of children in ways that conservatives and Trump supporters are all too familiar.

The movie opens up with a scene involving a gay couple getting brutally beaten in Derry, Maine. As we know, Maine is a very conservative state full to the brim with Trump supporters. Seeing a gang of bigoted conservatives ruthlessly attacking a gay couple is too real for the regular unwoke viewer to handle.

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Furthermore, the entire idea of Pennywise – the primary antagonist of the IT series – is a clown that preys on the fears of children. Not unlike Donald Trump himself, Pennywise the dancing clown finds joy in ruining the lives of innocent children. Just as Trump personally throws Mexican children in cages, Pennywise slaughters them – which is generally the same thing.

Additionally, both IT movies are categorically transphobic based on the simple fact that the title of the movie and the characters refer to Pennywise as an “it” as opposed the preferred pronouns. Did any of the characters even stop to ask Pennywise’s preferred pronouns? Perhaps a little progressive compassion would have made a difference – but we will never know. Why? Because the entire franchise is based on hatred and conservative propaganda. Boycott IT.


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