Mindy Robinson suspended from Twitter for unkind words to woke Will & Grace actress

Censorship in the name of social justice

Deplorable actress Mindy Robinson has received a seven-day Twitter suspension following a hateful tirade against beloved Will & Grace superstar, activist, and all-around persyn of wonderfulness Debra Messing.

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The Trump-supporting, self-loathing misogynist’s attacks against her talented and rightfully-revered counterpart were completely unprovoked, the gender traitor seeking to gaslight voters by disputing Ms. Messing’s observation that persyns of color who support the current White House occupant must be mentally ill.

Brave Ms. Messing previously fell victim to targeted harassment from this wicked womxn after politely suggesting the blacklisting of Trump supporters in the name of public safety.

Thankfully, Twitter has finally intervened, handing the hateful harpy this much-deserved sentence.

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NPC Daily applauds Twitter Safety’s Vagina Gadde for this brave display of censorship, and our writers will continue reporting the blonde bigot’s tweets until she has been deplatformed entirely.

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