The Blue Wave is a powerful symbol of progressive change

Leave it to Beto to find a way to #resist Nazism

In the wake of the devastation wrought by the okay hand sign and the subsequent push to ban offensive emojis, a hero has emerged to coax us from our cry corners and back into the wide world of white supremacy where we may continue our battle against traditional notions of justice and economic reality.

Beto O’Rourke — a man of vision, action, solutions, and big ideas — quite literally the Thanos of the Democratic Party — has come up with a way for progressive leftists to #resist conservative hand gestures while simultaneously signaling the virtues of our own party.

He calls this gesture the Blue Wave.

The Blue Wave is about empowerment. It’s about taking a stand against racism in all its forms.

It’s about #resisting the Patriarchy and Antisemitism.

It’s about standing up to the cis white members of the one percent who have been accused of sexual misconduct, and saying we #BelieveWomen.

It’s about prison reform and reparations for slavery. (And an end to slut shaming.)

It’s about taking guns out of the hands of white people.

It’s about providing free, taxpayer-funded educational opportunities for persyns of indigenous.

And abortions for men.

But above all, the Blue Wave is about integrity. It’s about standing by our core principles and opposing corrupt, sociopathic politicians who surround themselves with sexual predators while engaging in shady business deals with Russia. (Politicians like Donald Trump.)

A new era of awokening is upon us. Won’t you join us in ushering it in?

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